WHM International support with years’ experience of working with wellheads systems and advise cost-effective wellhead maintenance services, with the knowledge of major wellhead manufacturers, we have the experience of all types of wellheads and wellhead equipment.

WHM International Support service line include prepare and coordinate wellhead maintenance, replacement, refurbishment and tree installation.

Why choose Wellhead Maintenance Support.

Quick Response and Advise – we can rapidly mobilise technicians for leak testing, problem solving and grease valves.

Complete Service – With trained technicians, 20+ years of experience, WHM International Support B.V is able to provide a complete wellhead maintenance service.

Our wellhead maintenance services include:

  • Inflow testing x-mas tree valves.
  • Function testing of valves, chokes and actuators.
  • Lubrication valves and flush valves.
  • Pressure testing of wellhead valves and interfaces.
  • Pressure bleeding / monitoring.
  • The work can be supervised by a level 3 radiation protection expert (RPS)
  • Non-destructive testing.
  • Visual inspections and well corrosion report.
  • Maintenance databases, as build wellhead and tree information.
  • Coordinate wellhead maintenance teams on annual testing and repairs.

WHM International Support B.V. is independent provider of Valves and wellhead maintenance services. Our Competent technicians can work on all types of actuators and valves. We can supply and advise OEM spares and alternatives engineered to OEM specifications and high performance, fully synthetic greases and sealants and are able to perform most repairs in-situ. We provide services for preventative and ongoing maintenance on wellheads, Christmas trees, valves, actuators and other associated pressure containment equipment.

De Graaf Engineering BV is our partner in engineering and advice on maintenance and repair of valves. De Graaf Engineering is specialized in 2D and 3D solution engineering. A highly qualified team of engineers with years of experience within the energy sector.